Critique of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

We’re excited to let you know that a truly unique game has just been released in the top online casinos this November 2018 and is about to make a huge splash in the igaming industry. Betsoft’s Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is an ambitious attempt to completely revamp the slot game genre and usher in a new era of innovation. Max Quest is a multiplayer video slot that blends elements of console gaming with a real-money (RNG) slot mechanism. It is set in the intriguing underground tombs of Ancient Egypt, and we expect it will appeal to all those fun and adventurous players out there. Read on for more information on the Max Quest slot machine and the online casinos that will be carrying it starting in November if this seems like something that might pique your interest.

The inner workings of Max Quest Wrath of Ra

Max Quest is a cinematic slot machine that immerses players in a role-playing experience. The slot machine has only 10 active paylines, and up to six players can explore tombs while shooting at many foes. When an enemy is hit, they may reveal a winning combination, and the bullets will stand in for typical slot machine symbols. To increase your chances of winning big when playing Max Quest for real money, you can team up with gamers from all over the world.

When you first start up Max Quest, you’ll be able to create your own Avatar and choose a Game Room before heading off to the Shop to stock up on ammunition and weaponry. Every unique weapon has its advantages and disadvantages, and can fire anywhere from one to ten bullets. Then, in each round, you’ll start firing at enemy targets that you see moving across the screen. These could be anything from low-paying scarabs to high-paying mummies of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. When you eliminate an opponent, they might be hiding a reward that will help you rise in the ranks. When players defeat an enemy, they may gain access to one of seven tiers of rewards.

Features unique to Max Quest

Special “Fire Enemies” and “God Events” appear at random in Max Quest alongside the regular adversaries to provide players with more challenging foes to defeat. The odds of winning a prize from the Risen Fire Enemies increase with the number of bullets (wagers) they take after defeating a Common Enemy. You can expect a return on investment of up to $5,000 every bullet fired. Players have a chance of receiving a God Event at the end of each round. At this gathering, a Pharaoh God will arise, and its destruction will be a group effort. If you manage to take him out, you’ll be rewarded with a massive chest full of loot and cash. These rewards will be given out to participants based on how many shots they fired in the round that culminated in the God Event.

Each participant receives a generic firearm and must spend real money on ammunition. Treasure chests offer unique items for sale, and players have a chance of random drops whenever they kill an enemy. When using a special weapon, you can expect “free wagers” because its bullets aren’t standard issue. When you buy or win a weapon, you can use it by selecting it from the menu. Each unique weapon will also have a greater chance of killing an enemy target and releasing a larger reward for a successful kill. This is determined by the number of stars in the weapon’s “Shot Strength” attribute, with ordinary weapon bullets having a strength of 1 star and exceptional weapons having a greater number of stars. There are several firearms such as plasma guns, laser guns, machine guns, grenades, and shotguns.

Finally, during gameplay, players will be given Quests to complete. In order to gain experience, they will need to do certain tasks, such as collecting a certain number of riches or defeating a certain number of foes. The quests will vary from simple one-star missions to challenging five-star missions that require them to track down extremely rare items.

Maximum Quest Rankings

You’ve got it right, sir. The top players on the Max Quest leaderboard will receive rewards such as real-world money and game enhancements. Players will earn Experience Points (XP) while they play, which may be spent to advance in the game and climb the leaderboard. The top participants in each game will share a prize pool worth 2% of their total wagers. According to our sources, each online casino will be allowed to set its own leaderboard prizes for the Max Quest slot game, giving players a unique experience no matter which site they choose to play at.

It should be emphasized that despite the presence of gunfire in this game, Max Quest slot will not require any strategy or ability; its payouts will operate in accordance with a Random Number Generator, the program responsible for randomly selecting outcomes in slot machines. The bullet will continue to ricochet around the room until it hits something. Even if the game design is cutting edge, the underlying mechanism will be the same as that of any other online slot machine. Max Quest can be played on any computer or mobile device; no further hardware is necessary.

Slot machine payout maximum for Max Quest

We think you have strong reason to be hopeful if you want to play the Max Quest slot machine with a bonus. Because of the revolutionary nature of this slot, it is likely that online casinos that already provide Betsoft slots will promote it with exclusive bonuses. Additionally, if you want to play Max Quest slot with some free dollars, you need sign up at a casino that gives one of the best casino welcome bonuses 2020. At the time, Max Quest Wrath of Ra is only available at a select few casinos; our top picks include Dunder and Mr. Green casino, both of which welcome players from the United Kingdom and offer generous sign-up bonuses.

Playing the Max Quest Slot Machine and Where to Do It

Slot machine payback, average player win, and other statistics for the Max Quest machine

We don’t know much about the possible wager sizes in Max Quest just yet, but we do know that players will be able to alter the coin value to activate anywhere from one to ten paylines. If you manage to vanquish the Fire Risen Mummy, you’ll be rewarded with a maximum win of 5000x your initial wager and a return on investment (RTP) of 96%. Once we receive more data, we will update this review accordingly.

The visual and auditory effects of the Max Quest slot machine

Max Quest’s visual quality and dramatic atmosphere will entice you to play. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy the game-like visuals and accompanying sound effects as you hit the targets and unlock the prizes, as well as the enemies scurrying around the screen. This is especially true of the reanimated mummies and pharaohs who will make their vengeful way out of their sarcophagi.

Our Final Thoughts on the Max Quest Slot

According to what we know so far, Betsoft’s Max Quest Wrath of Ra slot game will indeed transcend all genres and usher in a “new era in gaming.” Whether or whether it will be worthwhile to play Max Quest for real money is still up in the air, but we are confident that a large number of players will like it. However, the fact that it will include editable leaderboards will allow casinos to host lucrative tournaments on this game, and the prospect of winning quick cash rewards has to be appealing. How this Betsoft story develops remains to be seen.

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